Come and find happiness

The first promotional leaflet made in 1991 and signed "Topolšek – Tinče" said: “Everyone seeking to spend their free time or holidays at a modest, yet beautiful farm situated at the foot of the Pohorje hills, is cordially invited.”

A quarter of a century has passed in a flash since the first bite of the tourist pie was taken. The Farm or, rather, everything offered to guests at the beginning was less modest than our guests (who have remained modest). They were welcomed by four nicely furnished rooms, a pleasant environment, a table filled with delicacies and, most of all, Vilma and Tone with Urška and Aleš and grandma Slavka, grandpa Ivan and uncle Stana. They took their first steps in tourism, listened to suggestions, found the time to travel abroad and gain experience and so on. The name of the Urška Tourist Farm gradually became a synonym for good, the best even, and for a tourist farm presented with top awards.

But the praise did not lull them to sleep or corrupt them

“We haven’t worn down since the day we started. We have continued to build, work, invest and invent new programmes,”

said Vilma upon the 10th anniversary of the Farm’s opening, although she could do it all over again five years ago or today. Their kindness and complaisance never comes to a halt nor does the quality of their products and services – new rooms, a wellness centre with saunas and a massage tub, a suite for the disabled, etc. – nor does Vilma with her diverse delicacies in pots. Whoever has seen her in the kitchen knows that she prepares dishes, which would have sunk into the oblivion long ago, with a great deal of love and care.

Our Certificates

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