The Smell of Home Cooking

Delicacies from Vilma’s kitchen are light and, most importantly, made from a selection of seasonal ingredients. Guests are offered around 80% of home produce. It is not possible to mention all of them, but, to stir up your appetite, some of them include homemade, cracknel, whole-wheat, fruit and rye bread, sweet and sour walnuts, homemade cottage cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products, homemade salami, minced lard and pâté, spreads with herbs and edible flowers, several types of homemade jams, beef and seasonal soups, ham in the Pohorje blanket, homemade pork products and sausages, beef in horseradish sauce, pork ribs with prunes or tenderloin filled with sausage, roast lamb or lamb with gravy, strudels and pies. Vilma, the Housekeeper, also prepares the potica roll, soup with štruklji dumplings, the local plum soup specialty and other vegetarian, vegan and diet food.

Organic Homemade Food

A healthy diet is a lifestyle. The Urška Tourist Farm grows fruit, vegetables and herbs, and produces meat, eggs and other products.


Have a memorable start of the day – have the tastiest breakfast ever and indulge in excellent homemade bread, jam, salami, spread, cottage cheese, yoghurt and other. If you wish, you can also visit the henhouse and pick fresh eggs to eat for breakfast.

Fine Wine

Master Tone is a winemaker and makes sure that top wines from the home cellar are served along the dishes prepared at the Topolšek house. He bottles Rose, Blaufränkisch, Rhein Riesling, Sauvignon, Traminer, Pinot Blanc, Welshriesling, the wine blessed at the feast of St. John and other. The table also offers excellent homemade (apple or elderflower) juice. Their daughter Urška is a sommelier and will give you first-hand advice on what wine to drink with particular food.

Floral kitchen

The food we cook is a delicate mixture of homegrown ingredients from the field and from our herb and flower garden, seasoned with the creativity of cooks Vilma and Urška.

Lunch and Dinner

The Tourist Farm may provide an exquisite culinary experience for up to 20 persons. Meals for external guests are prepared upon prior agreement.

Business Brunch or Lunch

The Urška Tourist Farm is an ideal place for doing business, as it provides privacy. We will prepare a true culinary experience and, as you know, the best deals are made in the company of fine food and drink. Preliminary reservation is required for a business brunch and lunch.

Our Certificates

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