You can smell and listen to nature

Have you ever wanted to walk barefoot through the morning dew? Have you ever wanted to doze on a bed of hay or cool down in a pool surrounded by meadows? Start your day with the sound of the cock crowing, take breakfast to the sound of lambs bleating, take off on a walk to the sounds of birds singing and bees buzzing? Have you ever immersed yourself in a book to the smell of meadow blossoms and herbs?

House of Wellness

The Urška Tourist Farm is well aware that quality living requires vital strength and energy. To restore them in this world of frenzy, we have built a house of wellness featuring steam and Turkish baths, massage showers, a jacuzzi, a hay bath and a room for relaxation. Within its 100 square metres, guests will also find a place for refreshments with homemade herbal tea and organically grown apples.

Countryside Wellness

Panoramic View

In addition to the saunas, guests can also indulge in a magnificent and relaxing view of meadows that provide pasture for sheep.

Health Spot

After visiting the sauna, guests can enjoy a cup of organic homemade tea and apples.

Our Certificates

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